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I have worked with Albright Dene on numerous projects over the past 10 years. They usually come to me with quite challenging sites, but they are always very inventive in their approach, and think outside the box when looking for solutions to make them work.

Their resourceful approach and their great negotiation skills when dealing with planners means that they are successful in achieving planning permission for their sites – even the tricky ones.

Graeme Towle, Director, TSH Architects

I have known and worked with Joe McDermott for the past 10 years on around 15 developments. I am a scaffolding contractor and a property developer and have been in business for over 25 years.

Joe McDermott finds land and property and works with the architects on the design. He then works on the planning application to gain a planning consent for either new builds or re-developments. He has a great depth of knowledge of all aspects of planning regulations, and an excellent understanding of planning laws and how to interpret them to the best of our advantage.

I have never had any problems working with Joe as he spends a considerable amount of time doing his research and scrutinises everything that he works on, which is very helpful. If any problems do occur Joe will endeavour to work things out and get a positive result.

He is a very professional and competent person and has an excellent relationship with all the planning officers and architects he has worked with. One of our projects, The Round House, even had a write up in The Times.


Andy Durkin

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