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I had a plot just into the green belt that I wished to obtain a change of planning use, from offices to multiple residential consents. I was told about Joe McDermott and after examining his track record prior to our meeting, it soon became clear to me, that he and his company was the right choice for my needs.

He was direct and to the point in establishing my goals and how his company could meet those needs. He never fudged any answers to my exhaustive questions and gave me honest realistic costs and time scales in achieving those goals. His knowledge of his client needs, whether they are from the perspective of the buyer or vendor and of planning requirements is impressive.

I was left in little doubt from the first meeting that my goal could realistically result in a successful conclusion and this was further confirmed with all my contacts from members of the team at Albright Dene.

To be professionally guided through the rigours of planning consent for a radical new and bold use of a green belt plot, was made easy for me and the journey was impressive.The plot value as a result of this consent, achieved an almost 60% uplift and a very happy customer for Albright Dene.

In addition, but so often overlooked, is the fact that Albright Dene remain at your side throughout the sale of the plot. In my case, Joe and his team were able to guide me through severe transactional difficulties with the buyer who was also a property developer. Their invaluable advice and practical assistance during this stressful part of the process helped bring matters to a successful conclusion. Their knowledge of all aspects of this business, acquired through many years of experience, was a real bonus to me as a client.

Richard Moss

The service, and I do not use that word lightly, that you have provided to the directors of this Company since our association began two years ago has been quite outstanding. Whilst it is very difficult to place your activity into neat compartments, we have had the sense of complete support and tenacity. You have advised and acted on maximising planning gains, disentangling Land Registry, separating buildings, tracing owners and settling boundaries. Not only that, you introduced us to sources of funding that others had missed. You have been with us for the whole journey, seeing projects through from start to finish, bringing solutions rather than problems.

Our MBO was particularly difficult to get across the line given the number of moving parts and particularly the issues with buying, on-shoring and selling properties as a co-terminus transaction. Your personal professionalism, diligence, forbearance and tolerance as part of our team ensured that we got there. There is no doubt in my mind that without your intervention and advocacy with an eleventh-hour property issue, this deal would not have happened or been very seriously delayed.

As we continue to expand our business, we look forward to working closely with you on our development and acquisition projects as they arise.

Nigel Denny – Ashberry Healthcare

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