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Here at Albright Dene, we are always looking for talented, commercially minded professionals to join our small, dynamic team. We are currently recruiting for the following position:

Executive Assistant

Some important information before you apply:

  • We only work with, and employ, the very best calibre of people.
  • We expect hard work and dedication, and we reward innovative and creative thinking.
  • We’re a small but growing team who help and support each other.
  • We like strong, charismatic personalities – people with exceptional communication and people skills and a talent for solving problems.
  • Our office is smart, spacious and filled with natural light.
  • We’re less than two minutes’ walk from Starbucks, Costa and Pret. Oh and from the Lock, Stock & Barrel too, Newbury’s finest riverside retreat.
  • Our working hours are Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm.
  • I have worked with Albright Dene on numerous projects over the past 10 years. They usually come to me with quite challenging sites, but they are always very inventive in their approach, and think outside the box when looking for solutions to make them work.

    Their resourceful approach and their great negotiation skills when dealing with planners means that they are successful in achieving planning permission for their sites – even the tricky ones.

    Graeme Towle, Director, TSH Architects

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  • "I owned a site that had a history of failed planning applications. At least four major companies had attempted to secure permission, but failed. Then I asked Albright Dene to help.

    It was absolutely brilliant working with Albright Dene. As it was a tricky plot, many problems arose during the process, but they were able to overcome each and every one, and successfully deliver a positive result.

    Gaining planning for this site converted an unused, derelict paddock into a beautiful setting for two substantial family homes – and that is all thanks to the tenacity and determination of Albright Dene. I cannot recommend their services highly enough."

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    Cliff Puffett

  • "Having met Joe McDermott whilst searching for a building plot in Oxford in January 2009, I was so impressed with the depth of property knowledge he had that I set up a company to work in partnership with him. We are now on our seventh project, all of which have been profitable, with some achieving Annual Rates of Return in excess of 100%. These days Joe has developed his methods and operation even further and the speed and imagination that is employed in gain planning consents time after time is staggering.

    In an environment where the planning process and planning committees are far from an exact science, Joe and Albright Dene find a way of succeeding every time. As Managing Director of I&O Ltd, I intend to continue investing in the talents of Albright Dene for the foreseeable future."

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    Gary Broadfield

  • “I have known and worked with Joe McDermott for the past 10 years on around 15 developments. I am a scaffolding contractor and a property developer and have been in business for over 25 years…”

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    Andy Durkin

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