Property Planning Professionals

We champion you through the planning process and increase your property’s worth

About Us

Albright Dene is an exceptional property planning consultancy, we increase the value of your property with our in-depth knowledge of planning laws and processes. We have an enviable track record in achieving consents and we work tirelessly for your best possible outcome.

We typically increase the worth of land, buildings and homes by, on average, 45%. In some cases, we have multiplied the value of a property many times. We do this by skilfully identifying planning potential and expertly pursuing and gaining permissions. We can achieve results in just a few weeks – or more usually in four to eight months, and when we spot an opportunity and accept the challenge of getting a consent, we are very rarely disappointed.

We are true enthusiasts of the ‘Dimby’ (Develop In My Back Yarders), can navigate around the concerns of the ‘Nimby’ (Not In My Back Yarders) and have many happy clients who are delighted to share their stories of life-changing planning.

We operate in a variety of ways.

Fee-based services

We provide advice on a site or property’s planning potential and give guidance on what kind of application is most likely to succeed. Consulting you at every step, we can then design, develop and pursue consent for plans which are achievable, profitable and worthwhile. We can take on responsibility for the whole planning process, shielding you from its twists and turns and protecting you from any potential stress – even in the most ambitious cases. We charge fees for these design and planning services.

Joint Ventures

For clients who do not wish to take on any of the financial risks of the planning process, we can lead, manage and finance the entire process from start to finish. We then share in the gains delivered by the consent.

Whatever your property planning ideas or aspirations, talk to us first.

We will bring all of our considerable planning expertise to bear in assessing your potential worth – and we will champion the process for you.

We are Albright Dene. We champion worth.