Property Planning Professionals

We champion you through the planning process and increase your property’s worth

For IFAs


As an independent financial advisor, you probably use the services of brokers or managing agents to advise on and purchase investments such as stocks and ISAs on behalf of your clients. But how do you manage your clients’ property investments?

Have you ever considered using a specialist adviser to assist your clients in maximising the value of the property and land that forms part of their investment portfolio?

Here at Albright Dene, we can help you to extend the investment advice you’re able to provide by offering a comprehensive review of your clients’ property portfolios at no cost or obligation, enabling them to potentially increase the value of their property and land investments.

We are experts at spotting opportunities to add value to land through planning applications and development.

Let us become part of your team of professional investment advisors and, because we only get paid when we succeed, your client won’t be at risk and, as importantly, neither will your reputation as a top IFA.


You’re bound to be acutely aware of property prices and market opportunities, but when was the last time you had a planning and development expert review your property and land portfolio?

We can quickly and easily advise you on potential gains through the addition of planning consents and, what’s more, we can do this at no cost to you.

And better still, if you decide to work with us, we take all the risk of the associated fees in applying for the planning application, and you don’t pay out anything until the consent has been granted.

With an eye for spotting hidden opportunities and an impressive track record of success, we’re the final piece of the puzzle within your circle of investment advisors.

Get in touch now to book a free planning appraisal of your property or land.