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For Probate


You’ve inherited property that you will need to sell. You are very aware that property sold through probate often fails to achieve its full market value.

It’s probably the very last thing you want to be worried about at this difficult time.

Very few people who inherit property or land realise that, in the time that it takes for the probate process to complete, they might have achieved a planning consent which would have substantially increased the value of their inheritance.

Albright Dene can quickly and expertly evaluate the inherited estate and, if there is potential for planning, advise you on how best to gain a consent.


We carry out an initial appraisal of the estate, identifying opportunities for future development that will maximise the property’s worth.

If we feel there is potential, we can advise you accordingly, providing the full range of services offered by our talented team of property planning professionals.

We can do this for a fee or, in some cases we can lead, manage and finance the entire process ourselves. Effectively in a joint venture with the estate, we then share in the gain that the consent has added.

When we agree these joint ventures, our interests are fully aligned, ensuring that we are both working towards the common goal of adding as much value as possible to your inheritance.

In all of the time that we have been doing joint ventures to date, we have achieved 100% consent success.

We enjoy this outstanding record because we know exactly what works, and we’re experts at managing planning applications through the minefield that is the Local Authority planning system.

If we accept and champion your probate project in this way, you can be confident of receiving our very best efforts to increase your worth.

We appreciate that it can often be a challenging time whilst probate is being completed and the process itself can take several months, especially when land and/or property are involved.

Our timescales for undertaking this work and acquiring a planning consent can often be achieved within the time it takes to complete the legal probate process, enabling you to add significant value to your inheritance without losing time or money in the process.

And you can rest assured that we will always handle these matters with the utmost sensitivity.

Get in touch now to book a free planning appraisal of your property or land.